Dynamic Learning & Decision Making Laboratory (DLDM Lab)


Head of Laboratory: Magda Osman

      How to make decisions in order to plan for the future?  

    How do we make decisions under dynamic uncertainty?

    Do we really make decisions unconsciously?

    What is the link between rewards and effort?

    Does NUDGE help people make better decisions?  

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Magda Osman

Reader in Experimental Cognitive Psychology

Department of Psychology

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Queen Mary University of London

Mile End, London E1 4NS





New book - Out Now

Future-Minded: The Psychology of Agency and Control








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If you've ever wondered why we make the decisions that we do? Or why it is that the act of choosing matters so much?


Future-mind provides the answer.



The book  unpicks the psychological mechanisms we use on a daily basis to help us predict, plan for and attempt to control the future.


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