Dynamic Learning & Decision Making Laboratory (DLDM Lab)


Head of Laboratory: Magda Osman

Dual & Single Reasoning Systems

Implicit learning and priming

Dynamic decision making - clincial studies

Causal learning and Reasoning

Dynamic Decision Making


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                                                                                                      Selected Publications

                                                                                                Dynamic Decision Making, Control & Agency


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                                                                                                      Future thinking (prospection)

       •      Osman, M. (2014). What are the essentials cognitive requirements for prospection (thinking about the future)? Frontiers in

                Decision Neuroscience: Future-minded Thinking

                                                                                                     Dynamic Moral Judgments

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  •                                                                                     Dynamic Decision Making Parksinson’s Disease

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  •                                                                                     Dynamic Casual Learning and Reasoning

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  •                                                                                      Dual and Single Reasoning Systems

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Dynamic moral judgments

Osman (2015) Moral judgments & emotions Osman (2015) Moral judgments & order